Artwork Competition

To celebrate our new website, we are giving YOU the chance to win a one-of-a-kind piece of original artwork featuring the Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart! Created by Richard Young, one of the main artists for the Lethbridge–Stewart series, this piece is a unique collector’s item and a must-have and for any fan!

As a reader-led brand, this competition not only presents readers with a chance to win a prized piece of artwork, but also gives us the opportunity to understand the minds of our readers. Your opinions really do matter to us!

To enter the competition, just fill answer the questions below to cast your vote for your favourite book, short story and book cover.

It really is just that easy!

You will automatically be entered into the prize draw, giving you the chance to win your very own original piece of artwork to complete your Lethbridge-Stewart collection.

Welcome to your Lethbridge-Stewart Book Survey

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Which is your Favourite Lethbridge Stewart Book?
Which is your Favourite Lethbridge Stewart Book Cover?
Which has been your favourite HAVOC file?
What Has Been Your Favourite Lethbridge-Stewart Spin-Off?
Which has been your favourite SHORT STORY?
Have you any suggestions for the Lethbridge-Stewart novels?

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