The Haisman Estate Approved Multiverse Timeline:

PLEASE NOTE: This page contains SPOILERS for the Lethbridge-Stewart novels.

Lethbridge-Stewart exists as part of the Multiverse of Doctor Who, various timelines that exist side by side, wherein key events echo each other, while other events exist exclusively to particular timelines. All realities spin-off from the ‘prime’ timeline of the television series.

The following list only includes stories considered part of the official Haisman Literary Estate approved multiverse timeline for the characters that fall under their intellectual property rights* (the Lethbridge-Stewart family, the Travers family, the Dominators, the Great Intelligence, and subsidiary characters). NB* Outside of the official Doctor Who television series and Big Finish, the Haisman Estate reserves the right to pick which unauthorised uses of their properties they consider part of the official multiverse timeline.

(This list is not exhaustive, many titles still need to be considered and their inclusion weighed up.)

Note on dating: Dates given are taken from both the television series or the Lethbridge-Stewart series. Often times the dates are contradictory within the television series itself. For a way to understand why such contradictions exist, read the short story, The Enfolded Time

Colour Key:
Television Series
Lethbridge-Stewart novels/novellas/short stories
The Sarah Jane Adventures
BBC Radio
Big Finish
Virgin/BBC Novels


  • 1815: The Dreamer’s Lament
  • 1822: Beast of Fang Rock Read more >>>

1842-1892: The Snowmen

  • 1888 (August): Travers & Wells
  • 1902: Beast of Fang Rock Read more >>>

1902: Horror of Fang Rock

1914 (December): Twice Upon a Time

  •  1917 (December): What’s Past is Prologue

 1935 (October): The Abominable Snowmen

  • 1935 (October): The Creatures in the Cave
  • 1935 (October): Time and Again/Travers & Wells
  • 1937 (July): The Bledoe Cadets and the Bald Man of Pengriffen
  • 1937 (September)-1938 (March): The Forgotten Son (chapter eleven) Read more >>>
  • 1942 (April): The Flaming Soldier Read more >>>
  • 1945 (April)-1961 (October): Schädengeist’s First Love
  • 1945 (May): The Note
  • 1945 (Summer): In His Kiss

1967: The Dominators

  • 1968 (November): Mind of Stone (interludes) Read more >>>
  • 1969 (February): Ambush!

1969/1975 (February): The Web of Fear Read more >>>

  • 1969 (March): The Forgotten Son Read more >>>
  • 1969 (March): The Contented Mind
  • 1969 (April): One Cold Step
  • 1969 (April): The Schizoid Earth Read more >>>
  • 1969 (May): The Cult of the Grinning Man
  • 1969 (May): Beast of Fang Rock Read more >>>
  • 1969 (May): The Dogs of War
  • 1969 (May-June): Mutually Assured Domination Read more >>>
  • 1969 (June): The House of Giants
  • 1969 (July): Moon Blink (prologue) Read more >>>
  • 1969 (July): The Black Eggs of Khufu
  • 1969 (July): Moon Blink Read more >>>
  • 1969 (July): The Band of Evil
  • 1969 (August): The Showstoppers Read more >>>
  • 1969 (September): The Grandfather Infestation Read more >>>
  • 1969 (September): The Runaway Bomb
  • 1969 (September): The Last Duty
  • 1969 (October): The Life of Evans (chapter one-two) Read more >>>
  • 1969 (October 25-26): Times Squared Read more >>>
  • 1969 (October 26-29): The Lost Skin
  • 1969 (October 31): Eve of the Fomorians
  • 1969 (November): The Wishing Bazaar
  • 1969 (November): Blood of Atlantis Read more >>>
  • 1969 (November): The Life of Evans (chapter three) Read more >>>
  • 1969 (December): Mind of Stone Read more >>>
  • 1969 (December): The Life of Evans (chapter four) Read more >>>
  • 1969 (December 23-25): The Feast of Evans
  • 1969 (December 24): The Fright Before Christmas
  • 1969 (December 24-26): Together at Christmas
  • 1969 (December 26): Mind of Stone (epilogue) Read more >>>
  • 1969 (December 28): Slouching Towards Det-Sen
  • 1970 (January 2): United in Blood
  • 1970 (January 17-20): Night of the Intelligence Read more >>>
  • 1970 (January 22): The Life of Evans (chapter five) Read more >>>
  • 1970 (January 27): Night of the Intelligence (epilogue) >Read more >>>
  • 1970 (February-March): The Life of Evans (chapter six-,framing story) Read more >>>
  • 1970 (February 21-23, 25): The Daughters of Earth Read more >>>
  • 1970 (March): The Cruel Oil
  • 1970 (March 8-23): The Dreamer’s Lament
  • 1970 (March 26): The Life of Evans Read more >>>
  • 1970 (April): All the Kings Men
  • 1970 (April): The Flaming Soldier Read more >>>
  • 1970 (May): The Great Magician and the Spirits of the Vasty Deep
  • 1970 (May) A Very Private Haunting
  • 1970 (June): The New Unusual
  • 1970 (June): The Playing Dead
  • 1970 (August): The Man from Yesterday
  • 1971 (September) ’48 Crash

1973 (1979): The Invasion Read more >>>
1974 (1980): Spearhead from Space Read more >>>
1974 (1980): Doctor Who and the Silurians Read more >>>

1974 (1980): The Ambassadors of Death Read more >>>

1974 (1980): Inferno Read more >>>

  • 1974: Ashes of the Inferno
  • 1970s: The Blue Tooth
  • 1970s: The Scales of Injustice
  • 1970s: The Eye of the Giant
  • 1970s: The Devil-Goblins of Neptune

1970s: Terror of the Autons Read more >>>
1970s: The Mind of Evil Read more >>>
1970s: The Claws of Axos Read more >>>
1970s: Colony in Space Read more >>>

  • 1974: The Time of the Intelligence

1970s: The Daemons Read more >>>
1970s: Day of the Daleks Read more >>>

  • 1970s: The Face of the Enemy

1970s: The Time Monster Read more >>>

  • 1970s: The Heralds of Destruction
  • 1970s: The Harvest of Time

1970s: The Three Doctors Read more >>>
1970s: The Green Death Read more >>>
1974 (1979): The Time Warrior Read more >>>

  • 1974 (1979): The Paradise of Death

1974 (1979): The Invasion of the Dinosaurs Read more >>>

  • 1974 (1979): The Ghosts of N-Space

1974 (1979): Planet of the Spiders Read more >>>
1974 (1979): Robot Read more >>>
1980: Terror of the Zygons Read more >>>

  • 1980s (1970s): Official Secrets

1981 (1976): The Android Invasion Read more >>>
1981 (1976): The Seeds of Doom Read more >>>

  • 1982: The Case of the Missing Fairy

1977/1983: Mawdryn Undead
1983: The Five Doctors

  • 1989: Business Unusual
  • Jan 1, 1990: The Enfolded Time
  • 1990: The Slow Invasion
  • 1990s: The Spectre of Lanyon Moor Read more >>>
  • 1995: Downtime

1997: Battlefield

2009: The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky
2009: The Enemy of the Bane
2010: The Wedding of Sarah Jane

  • September 2011: Lucy Wilson
  • September-December 2011: The Lock-In
  • October-December 2011: Keepers of the Legacy

March 2012: The Wedding of River Song
2013: The Bells of St John
2013: Name of the Doctor
2015: The Power of Three

  • 2015: UNIT Extinction
  • 2015: UNIT Shutdown
  • 2015: UNIT Silenced
  • 2015: UNIT Assembled

2015: Day of the Doctor
2016: Dark Water/Death in Heaven
2017: The Magician’s Apprentice
2017: The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion

  • September 2017: Avatars of the Intelligence



All events occur in the multiverse, events echoing throughout the parallel timelines. Specific alterations are highlighted in Green.

  • 1842: After years of drifting in the astral plane, an amnesiac Great Intelligence (from the far future) lands on Earth in the form of sentient snow, and bonds with Walter Simeon.
  • 1892: The Great Intelligence/Walter Simeon is defeated by the (eleventh) Doctor, but remains on Earth for over a hundred years.
  • 1630: The immortal entity known as the Buddha Padmasambhava returns to the corporeal plane and takes up resident at Det-Sen Monastery. He meets the (first) Doctor for the first time.
  • Circa 1730: The consciousness that was once Mahasamatman encounters Padmasambhava on the astral plane, possesses his body, and Padmasambhava christens it the (current) Great Intelligence.
  • August 1888: Herbert George Wells finds himself dragged into a parallel world and teams up with Edward Travers (from 1935).
  • May 1899: Edward (and twin, Vincent) Travers is born.
  • 1902: While Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart Snr is away working, his brother, Archibald, comforts Lillian (Alistair’s wife) and a night of indiscretion follows. Nine months later Gordon Conall Lethbridge-Stewart is born. Everybody assumes he is the son of Alistair and Lillian.
  • December 1914: Archibald Lethbridge-Stewart meets the Doctor (in two incarnations), but does not retain the memory of the meeting.
  • 1917: It is becoming clear to Alistair Snr that Gordon is not his son, but Archibald’s. The secret is kept by all involved.
  • 1923: Gordon meets Mary Gore, and they are married later in the year. The move to a new home in Bledoe.
  • March 1925: Gordon James Lethbridge-Stewart is born to Gordon Conall and Mary. He consciousness will continue to be reborn until is ascends to become the Great Intelligence.
  • February 1929: Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart born to Gordon Conall and Mary.
  • April 1931: Harold Chorley is born.
  • May 1931: Walter Douglas is born.
  • August 1933: Edward Travers marries Margaret Goff.
  • October 1935: Edward Travers first meets the (Second) Doctor, and the (current) Great Intelligence. Padmasambhava is finally freed of the Great Intelligence.
  • October 1935: Edward Travers travels forward in time to 1965 and spends four years in the future before returning to 1935 – and his memory of his future excursion is blocked from his mind.
  • October 1935: Edward Travers travels forward in time to 1965 and spends four years in the future before returning to 1935 – but en route he is duplicated and dragged off force by a kontron crystal and ends up in a parallel Earth alongside Herbert George Wells.
  • June 1936: Gwynfor Evans is born.
  • July 1936: Alun Travers is born to Edward and Margaret.
  • April 1936: Samson Ware is born.
  • September 1937-March 1938: The (future) Great Intelligence creates a divergent timeline, in which Lethbridge-Stewart forgets he had a brother, and the Great Intelligence’s human ancestors become aware of their ultimate destiny. Thereby altering its own future.
  • March 1938: James Lethbridge-Stewart dies, killed by the (future) Great Intelligence.
  • April 1938: Short after James’ funeral, Gordon writes a letter to his father, which reveals he knows that Archibald is his biological father, although he still considers Alistair Snr his real father. The letter is given to the family solicitor, only to be handed to Alistair Snr on the event of Gordon’s death.
  • October 1938: Anne Travers born to Edward and Margaret.
  • March 1939: Sally Wright is born.
  • November 1941: Edward Travers is brought into the Fourth Operational Corps by Tobias Kinsella.
  • April 1942: Edward Travers meets Eileen Le Croissette (future Younghusband) for the first time.
  • June 1942: Eileen Le Croissette is enlisted into the Fourth Operational Corps.
  • April 1943: Margaret Travers dies.
  • August 1945: William Bishop is born.
  • May 1945: Lethbridge-Stewart’s father, Gordon, is officially declared as Missing In Action. A memorial service is held in Bledoe, and Alistair Snr receives the latter Gordon wrote in 1938. He decides it is finally time to talk to Archibald about that night in 1902, and whether they should finally admit the truth to the family.
  • 1945: Lethbridge-Stewart and his mother leave Bledoe, and their memory of James is removed from them by the (future) Great Intelligence.
  • 1946: Gordon James Lethbridge-Stewart dies in the original timeline.
  • April 1951: Owain (and twin, Lewis) Vine is born. He is the reincarnated consciousness of James.
  • March 1959: An adult version of James Lethbridge-Stewart arrives from the Inferno-verse, with his nine-year-old son, Dylan.
  • October 1965: Edward Travers from from 1935. And studiously avoids interacting with his future self.
  • 1968: The Dominators arrive on Earth and set up the company Dominex.
  • 1968: Lethbridge-Stewart has a weekend tryst with Doris Bryden in Brighton. Doris unknowingly ends up pregnant.
  • February 1969 (1975): Lethbridge-Stewart first meets the (Second) Doctor, and helps defeat the (current) Great Intelligence.
  • February 1969 (1975): The London Event is a fracture point in time, a very fragile moment from which many parallel timelines are spun. These include the Lethbridge-Stewart series, the Big Finish timeline, the Legacies timeline, the Virgin books timeline, and others as yet revealed.
  • March 1969: Lethbridge-Stewart learns of the existence of his brother, but still retains no memory of him.
  • March 1969: Lethbridge-Stewart becomes engaged to Sally Wright.
  • April 1969: Albert Wilson is born to Doris Wilson.
  • April 1969: Lethbridge-Stewart ends up in an alternative 1959 and meets another version of his brother.
  • June 1969: Dominex is exposed and shut down by Lethbridge-Stewart.
  • June 1969 (1976): The Fifth Operational Corps is activated.
  • August 1969: Lethbridge-Stewart is promoted to brigadier.
  • October 1969: Lethbridge-Stewart meets the past-version of Edward Travers living in New York, and together they defeat the (current) Great Intelligence. Travers returns to 1935.
  • October 1969: Owain first meets Simon in New York. The (current) Great Intelligence becomes aware of Owain.
  • January 1970: Lethbridge-Stewart discovers the identity of the General who runs the Vault; James Gore, his brother from the Inferno-verse.
  • January 1970: Edward Travers’ body is totally consumed by the (current) Great Intelligence. His mind ascends to the astral plane.
  • January 1970: Simon is revealed to be son of James Gore. Owain and Simon both legally become Lethbridge-Stewarts.
  • February 1970: Lethbridge-Stewart and Sally Wright end their engagement.
  • February 1970: Anne Travers and Bill Bishop go on their first official date.
  • March 1970: Edward Travers is officially declared dead, and is ‘buried’.
  • April 1970: Lethbridge-Stewart meets Eileen Younghusband for the first time.
  • 1971: Lethbridge-Stewart re-meets Fiona Campbell, and a romance quickly sparks up.
  • 1972: William Bishop marries Anne Travers.
  • 1972: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is born.
  • 1973 (1979): UNIT (the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) is officially activated, and Lethbridge-Stewart takes command.
  • 1973 (1979): Walter Douglas is promoted to brigadier, and takes command of the Fifth Operational Corps.
  • 1973 (1979): Worried that people may question the existence of Edward Travers, Anne takes her ‘father’ to America, helping set up the US-branch of UNIT with Major Kramer.
  • 1973 (1979): The (Second) Doctor assists UNIT in defeating the Cybermen.
  • 1973 (1979): William Bishop is promoted to major.
  • 1973 (1979): Lethbridge-Stewart meets the (second) Doctor for the third time.
  • 1973 (1979): The (Third) Doctor is exiled to Earth and joins UNIT.
  • 1974: Professor Travers lives in London, with his carer (his great nephew) Reece Goff, and assists the Counter-Measures team in fighting the Great Intelligence.
  • 1975: Lethbridge-Stewart and Fiona get divorced, and Kate remains with her mother.
  • 1980 (1975): Lethbridge-Stewart and the (Fourth) Doctor part regular company in Scotland.
  • 1981 (1976) Lethbridge-Stewart retires from UNIT, and begins teaching at Brendan School for Boys.
  • 1977: Lethbridge-Stewart is reunited with the (Fifth) Doctor, and his future self. His memory of the event is lost.
  • 1983: Lethbridge-Stewart is reunited with the (fifth) Doctor, and meets his past self. His memory of 1977 is restored, and so are vague memories of James.
  • 1988: Samuel Bishop is born to William and Anne Bishop.
  • 1989: William Bishop is promoted to lieutenant colonel and second in command of the Fifth Operational Corps.
  • Jan 1. 1990: Lethbridge-Stewart learns that the past twenty years of Earth [1969-1989] history have been condensed into ten years of overlapping events.
  • January 1990: Lethbridge-Stewart meets his son, Albert Wilson, for the first time.
  • February 1990: Lethbridge-Stewart is reunited with Doris Wilson.
  • July 1990: Conall Wilson, Lethbridge-Stewart’s grandson, is born.
  • 1990s: Lethbridge-Stewart and Doris get married.
  • Summer 1995: Lethbridge-Stewart reunites with his daughter, Kate, and meets his grandson, Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart III.
  • Summer 1995: Edward Travers is resurrected by the (current) Great Intelligence, which is defeated by Lethbridge-Stewart and Sarah Jane Smith.
  • 1997: Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart reunites with the (seventh) Doctor.
  • 1997: Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is knighted.
  • 2000: William Bishop is promoted to brigadier and commander of the Fifth Operational Corps.
  • 2002: Brigadier Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart becomes a UNIT special envoy.
  • 2005-2007: Brigadier Bishop is on the advisory board, which eventually integrates the Corps and various other secret organisations with UNIT, rebranding it as the UNified Intelligence Taskforce.
  • 2010: Brigadier William Bishop retires from active military service and becomes a military advisor for the World Security Council.
  • December 2011: Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart dies peacefully in bed.
  • December 2011: Conall legally changes his surname to Lethbridge-Stewart, in honour of his grandfather.
  • 2013: The (future) Great Intelligence travels back in time, and ultimately arrives in 1937, and accidentally creates the Lethbridge-Stewart timeline.
  • 2015: Kate meets the (Eleventh) Doctor for the first time.
  • 2016: Lethbridge-Stewart is resurrected as a Cyberman.
  • 2017: The (current) Great Intelligence is cast out, eventually to lose its identity and arrive on Earth in 1842.
  • Circa 11,926: The Great Intelligence is born of the ascended soul called Mahasamatman on the planet Sathanasi. It travels on the astral plane, and eventually meets Padmasambhava circa 1730.