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Range (Deputy) Editor — Andy Frankham-Allen has worked as an author for Big Finish, Hirst Books and Untreed Reads. As an editor he was responsible for the steampunk series of eBooks Space: 1889 & Beyond. He is now Candy Jar Books’ project editor, working primarily on commissioning and overseeing the Lethbridge-Stewart series of books, as well as providing editorial work on some of their more popular titles such as Tommy Parker: Destiny Will Find You.

Editor-in-Chief — Shaun Russell, head of publishing at Candy Jar Books, has a background in television production, marketing and journalism and has worked for ITV, Channel 5, GMTV and The Children’s Channel. He has excellent contacts throughout the media in both television and print journalism and possesses a keen commercial sensibility. Responsible for overseeing Candy Jar’s book production, he is also heavily involved in marketing their titles.

Editorial Assistants:

  • Lauren Thomas (Publishing Co-ordinator) has now joined Candy Jar full-time. Having completed a BA degree in English at the University of Exeter, she is passionate about literature all things social media and has experience in online journalism, digital content and copywriting. 
  • Will Rees is a graduate of Cardiff University with a degree in English Literature. He has a background in multi-media sales and joined Candy Jar full-time after completing a work experience placement.


  • Hannah Haisman on behalf the Mervyn Haisman Literary Estate.



  • Andy Frankham-Allen (The Forgotten Son, Beast of Fang Rock, Night of the Intelligence, The New Unusual)
  • David A McIntee (The Schizoid Earth)
  • Nick Walters (Mutually Assured Domination)
  • Sadie Miller (Moon Blink)
  • Jonathan Cooper (The Showstoppers)
  • John Peel (The Grandfather Infestation)
  • Rick Cross (Times Squared) 
  • Simon A Forward (Blood of Atlantis)
  • Iain McLaughlin (Mind of Stone)
  • Sarah Groenewegen (Daughters of Earth)
  • Benjamin Buford-Jones (The Dreamer’s Lament)
  • Adrian Sherlock (The New Unusual)

Short Stories

  • Andy Frankham-Allen (Ambush!, One Cold Step, The Dogs of War, The Enfolded Time, Ashes of the Inferno, (The Lost Skin, Episode Two)
  • David A McIntee (One Cold Step)
  • Norma Ashley (Legacies)
  • Tom Dexter (The Cult of the Grinning Man, The Fright Before Christmas, The Black Eggs of Khufu)
  • Sue Hampton (In His Kiss, Lucy Wilson)
  • Sarah Groenewegen (The Lock-In)
  • Roger J Simmonds (The Band of Evil)
  • Shaun Russell (The Band of Evil)
  • Adrian Sherlock (The Playing Dead)
  • Rick Cross (House of Giants)
  • Nick Walters (The Runaway Bomb)
  • Tim Gambrell (The Bledoe Cadets and the Bald Man of Pengriffen)
  • Christopher Bryant (The Last Duty)
  • Robert Mannone (Eve of the Fomorians)
  • Sharon Bidwell (The Wishing Bazaar)
  • Simon A Forward (The Feast of Evans)
  • The Author Collective (Home for Christmas)
  • Shaun Collins (Slouching Towards Det-Sen)
  • Wink Taylor (The Contented Mind)
  • Mark Jones (United in Blood)
  • Harry Draper (The Cruel Oil)
  • Alyson Leeds (All the King’s Men)
  • Gareth Madgwick (The Great Magician and the Spirits of the Vast Deep)
  • Mark Carton (’48 Crash)
  • Andrew Allen (The Slow Invasion)
  • Jonathan Macho (The Two Brigadiers)


  •  John Peel (The Life of Evans)
  • Christopher Bryant (The Flaming Soldier)
  • Andy Frankham-Allen (Day of the Intelligence)

Lucy Wilson

  • Sue Hampton (Lucy Wilson: The Avatars of the Intelligence)

Cover Artists:

  • Terry Cooper (Top Secret Files)
  • Simon Williams (The Forgotten Son, Legacies)
  • Nathan Hudson (The Schizoid Earth, One Cold Step)
  • Colin Howard (Beast of Fang Rock, The Grandfather Infestation)
  • Adrian Salmon (The Schizoid Earth, Mutually Assured Domination, The Fright Before Christmas, Moon Blink, The HAVOC Files 2)
  • Will Brooks (The Dogs of War, The HAVOC Files)
  • Tom Dexter (The Cult of the Grinning Man)
  • Shaun Russell (The Cult of the Grinning Man, The Fright Before Christmas, The HAVOC Files 2)
  • Richard Young (The Black Eggs of Khufu, The Playing Dead, The Lock-In, The Wishing Bazzar, The Showstoppers, Blood Of Atlantis, The Life Of Evans, The Flaming Soldier, Travers & Wells, The Lethbridge Stewart Quiz Book, A Very Private Haunting, Havoc Files 4, Cover Concept for Anniversary Novels, Lethbridge-Stewart Website)

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